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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide meaningful learning experiences that lead children towards lifelong achievements.

Our Educational Philosophy

At Peekaboo Play & Learn, we believe that all children are capable of learning, reaching their full potential, and succeeding in an appropriate learning environment. We also believe that a child’s first learning experience should happen at a place where they can feel at home. Children at this preschool are loved, respected, and valued.

At Peekaboo Play & Learn, we strive to provide age-appropriate activities at all levels, encouraging learning, playing, and discovering in a safe, healthy, educational environment. Additionally, we support children and family diversity. We provide high-quality, affordable early childhood education that prepares your child to succeed academically and socially in today’s modern society.

Who We Are

Peekaboo Play & Learn is a corporation created in 2005 with the purpose of helping families with their needs and provide a child care program with higher standards. Our Director and Educational Staff Members work every day to fulfill children’s development areas for a successful early childhood. We integrate professional development, a creative curriculum, and family connection resources for a well-rounded program.

Meet Our Faculty

We count on our highly qualified educators. At Peekaboo Play & Learn, we assure that our staff is professionally trained, informed, and developed to the highest standards in child care and preschool educational trends. All our teachers and staff members have been background checked by the State Department and DCF Background Check Division, and staff members are CPR & First Aid Trained. Our teachers hold Masters, Bachelors, and Associate Degrees in Child Development areas and National Child Development Associates. 45 Florida State mandated training hours are required.

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